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AIDSVu is a partnership between NCSL and Emory. NS produced this video breaking down the AIDS epidemic with a goal of educating and informing key stakeholders.


In partnership with NCSL, NS created a simple video that explains how HepC can be contracted and cured, which worked to debunk existing myths about the disease.

fact based/correct the record

Domestic shipping to Puerto Rico was under attack by longtime opponents. NS created a video to debunk myths and explain the value of a critical maritime law to national, homeland and economic security. The video is paired with infographics and truth vs. myth statements to be shared easily with reporters and legislators.

que dias

Nobody keeps Puerto Rico moving like the dedicated workers of the maritime industry delivering the supplies the island needs. We produced this bilingual ad to highlight the efforts of the men and women of Puerto Rico’s maritime industry and debunk the common myths about the Jones Act.

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Another bilingual ad that was produced by our team to highlight the continual delivery of consumer goods delivered by U.S. vessels to the people of Puerto Rico by the maritime industry. The ad was successful in fighting off attacks by opponents of the Jones Act.

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