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Helping Clients Through a Global Pandemic

“We have helped clients throughout the pandemic transform how they are leveraging communications for their businesses and advocacy by utilizing new strategies and tools to more effectively tell their stories and succeed”

Keith Nahigian, President

The pandemic has dramatically changed how organizations and businesses are handling communications strategies. Previously, a dual-approach strategy with an emphasis on proactive communication and getting ahead of the media to tell your story was vital in getting your message shared with the right audiences. After March 2020 when most businesses transitioned to virtual working, proactive communications became difficult given the uncertainty of markets, healthcare, travel, hospitality industries, media cycles and more. 

Our firm had to pivot, and quickly, to help clients over the last year transform how they were leveraging communications for their businesses and advocacy. We did this by creating and utilizing new strategies and tools to more effectively tell their stories. This included thinking creatively about how to message during a pandemic, refocusing corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, and relying heavily on messaging through social and digital media, rather than in-person events. We helped establish new virtual programs and message systems while advancing earned media and advocacy opportunities to reach audiences where they are. On-camera training and coaching was an essential aspect of taking virtual communications to the next level.

This strategy meant fine-tuning the message and diving deep into understanding what we wanted audiences to take away. It also meant making sure we were messaging to people in the right place. As people began to spend more and more time streaming TV shows and browsing social media, our efforts needed to match these changes in consumption preferences. 

As businesses, organizations, associations, and government agencies prepare communications plans and strategies for 2021, while trying to navigate and anticipate new trends and changes, Nahigian Strategies continues to develop creative, robust campaigns to ensure our clients are able to get their message shared with the right audience.