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Cassie Scher

Cassie Scher is a Vice President at Nahigian Strategies, where she provides clients with guidance in earned media and digital media strategies. She has extensive experience in earned media event planning – including press conferences, product and policy rollouts, radio tours and trade show marketing.

Cassie brings to the team a background in marketing and political campaigns, policy, and nonprofits. Before joining Nahigian Strategies, Cassie served as the Press Secretary and on the record spokesperson for the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Prior to that, she worked in the communications departments for both the Republican National Committee and the College Republican National Committee. Her work has been featured in a variety of print and broadcast outlets both domestically and internationally including NPR, USA Today, Politico, Baltimore Sun, and Fox News Radio, to name a few.

Cassie currently serves as volunteer faculty for the Leadership Institute and is an America’s Future Foundation Writing Scholar. She graduated from Arkansas Tech University with Bachelor of Arts degrees in History, Political Science, and Secondary Education.

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Is a mutton busting rodeo champion