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Public Affairs and Relations

we’re more than expert communicators, we’re strategic partners

While traditional PR agencies focus on tactics, we emphasize strategies. We design communications initiatives that build on each other, maximizing impact and your return on investment.

We’re known for our hands-on approach and meticulous planning. Even the most well thought out strategies depend on sound execution for success; we bring a detailed plan for effectively timing every communications initiative.

When you work with us, you get the experience and resourcefulness of a nationally recognized agency, with the flexibility and personal touch of a boutique firm. Most of all, you’ll have a partner who is on the ground with you, and a shared dedication to achieving your goals.


our public affairs and relations services include:


  • Strategic counsel in message architecture
  • Earned media cultivation
  • Media training
  • Brand development
  • New media execution
  • Crisis communications

Karen Cohn of the ZAC Foundation on CNN to discuss water safety.

Rep. Hunter at the American Maritime Partnership’s nationwide Military2Maritime career fair in San Diego.

David Pattinson, founder of David Pattinson’s Advocacy Foundation, on WUSA-9.

sustainable strategies, substantive public relations

We have a proven track record of communications campaigns that deliver value and results.

Grassroots Communication

Our firm has been the driving force behind some of the most influential national campaigns in history – from presidential races to the largest healthcare enrollment campaign ever undertaken by the federal government.

Successful grassroots movements have to touch people in all aspects of their lives. Using a campaign approach to grassroots communications, we combine community outreach with education and policy to spread a message far and wide.

We know what it takes to elevate an organization, grow its reach, and achieve its ultimate messaging goals.

Digital Paid Media

it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

When an idea taps into a resonating truth and engages the viewer, it can travel like lightning across all kinds of media. Our award-winning team has mastered generating this spark, and turning your messages into social currency.

Bringing together the top political and commercial advertising talent under one roof, we are your one-stop provider of creative, production, and ad placement services designed to get people talking. Every campaign is backed by our metrics-driven approach that maximizes impact and drives value—from inception to completion.

make a lasting impression

We have created thousands of political and commercial ads, including some of the most recognized Fortune 50 advertising ever developed. We’ve won Emmys, Pollies, Cannes Gold Lion and Clio Awards, and produced numerous top-ten Super Bowl ads. But our real passion and reward is what we help our clients to achieve.

Let’s talk about what we can do for you

Crisis Management

crises happen, we help formulate contingencies

We believe that responding quickly and effectively to any attack is critical during a crisis situation.

Our team has extensive experience mitigating negative media coverage through developing crisis communications plans. By using our monitoring capabilities and media relationships, our media-relations team can forecast a media hit, minimize the exposure of our clients in a negative story, and craft specific messages that will provide a favorable media outcome. In the event of crisis, our staff can be available anywhere, any place, any time. We build campaign-style rapid response tactics, determining the best messages and facts to use that are the easiest to defend and the hardest to attack.