the one stop solution for coalition creation

time is precious. ns coalitions accelerates the creation of a coalition and drives an issue or initiative to a win. ns coalitions provides a real plan with real value and real results.

“A coalition without a well developed and executed strategy is merely a group.”
— Keith Nahigian, President, NS

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Forming and branding the coalition is an important first step.

A coalition without an effective plan is merely a group.

We design communications initiatives that tell the story of the coalition.

Success comes from aggressive pre-planning and meticulous execution.

We craft national communications strategies to drive earned media supporting coalition positions.

We have full-scale paid media capability.

ns coalitions develops and produces television, audio, and digital content production to tell the coalition’s story.

ns coalitions harnesses the power of social media to engage our intended audiences.

We are highly effective at designing and leveraging events to drive media.

Activating grassroots voices to cut through the noise can be a highly effective tool.

While we do not lobby, our strategic partners work hand in glove with ns coalitions.


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