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Why Wearing Red Matters

By: Anna Stallmann, Vice President of Communications, Nahigian Strategies

Today is “National Wear Red Day.” Beyond red being a color that naturally boosts confidence and attracts attention – it’s a color to signify our nation’s continued fight against the number one killer in women. Heart Disease.

We are especially proud of one of our clients, higi, which plays a big role in the continued fight against heart disease and hypertension. Through their 11,000+ health stations across America, higi provides free access to blood pressure screenings, empowering consumers to know their numbers, connect this data with their trusted health care providers, and track their progress towards better health.

Knowing whether or not you are at risk is a fundamental first step. Under the recently announced new ACC/AHA blood pressure guidelines for hypertension, 61.5% of higi screenings have results in the hypertensive range.

That is why our team is proud to join in on the National Wear Red Day and support public awareness of steps that can be taken to prevent heart disease – including knowing your number.

Find a higi health station today:

And of course, from a public relations perspective, there are a number of things we love about National Wear Red Day. We think it’s a great campaign model for spreading awareness and engaging public action. Here’s why:

It’s an action-forcing event that is easy to do. Wear red for one day!

By putting forward a call to action, the campaign generates media interest and public participation. Plus, it creates opportunities to partner with local government organizations.

It puts a face on the issue. Through photos submitted by participants and representative data, National Wear Red Day brings a face to the one in three women that die from cardiovascular diseases each year.

The educational content is relevant for many audiences. By providing easy-to-digest resources, the campaign is delivering valuable information that stakeholders from local government offices to Fortune 100 companies can easily download and share with their own respective constituents.

It happens once a year! Annual events build momentum through the years while delivering milestones to track. This progress is great content for media to report on each year!

More than content, this campaign provides valuable tools on their website that provide value beyond the life of the campaign. National Wear Red Day engages the public on their website, and keeps them coming back to use these resources.

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