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What is a Satellite Media Tour?

By Neale Butler

Here at Nahigian Strategies, we pride ourselves in helping our clients get their message to their target audience in the most efficient and impactful way possible. One way we do that is by organizing and operating a satellite media tour of any scale, whether it be national or local, to help you get your message out and amplify your voice. What all goes into creating a successful Satellite Media Tour? 

Utilizing our state of the art studio at Big Whig Media, we can book your designated spokesperson or representatives for a virtual “tour,” doing ten to fifteen minute interview spots with news outlets throughout the country. We have the ability to connect you to a diverse array of media markets nationwide, including broadcast and radio, and work with you to coordinate your satellite media tour from start to finish. For some, a Satellite Media tour is exclusively national hits, while for others, it makes more sense to focus on a specific region or area. An effective satellite media tour can get your message to national audiences and major news outlets, as well as allow you to target specific local markets you find most important. Our team can help you identify the right audience to ensure your message is being shared in the right places.

Our team will be with you every step of the way, including providing extensive planning, message prep, social media amplification, and press release and media advisory coordination to help impact news activity leading up to your tour. We also develop detailed, analytics-driven reports following your tour to see the impact your message had in the news as well as across social platforms. 

The benefits of a satellite media tour extend well beyond the tour. Content created during a tour can be used in social media posts and digital ads in the future to give you the ability to keep driving the news that is important to your organization. 

Could your organization benefit from a Satellite Media Tour? Contact our team today to find out how we can help you share your message!