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Steps To Better Corporate Messaging In The D.C. Media Market

By Ken Nahigian |  Originally published in Forbes

Drug companies are price gougers. Tech companies are invaders of our privacy. Lending companies are predators.

These sentiments have been instilled in our collective conscience over the past several years, mostly due to the narratives that have been framed through a polarized and highly charged political dynamic in Washington, DC. These industries, historically considered leading-edge innovators and facilitators of our economic futures, are increasingly cast as the villains in a high-stakes drama between political rivals who seek to convince voters they stand the most on the voters’ side against the big, bad corporate interests.

For many corporate public relations teams that have traditionally focused on only customer and investor audiences, this dynamic often catches them flat-footed, placing the brand’s well-being in jeopardy. They are finding themselves dealing with a gap between how they have told their story and the way they need to start telling their story, specifically tailored to the D.C. audience.

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