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Section 230 Is the Internet Law That Stops the Spread of Extremist and Hate Speech

By Carl Szabo | Originally appeared in Morning Consult

We live in dangerous times when newspapers are demonizing the very law that helps stop the spread of hate and extremist speech. Despite what some headlines might say, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act succeeded in its goal to make the internet a better place.

But not letting facts and reality prevent a click-worthy headline, we’ve seen several attacks on this amazing law from leading newspapers.

There are those who wrongly say Section 230 is the reason for problems on the internet. They claim we would be better off without that law’s incentives to moderate content created by users. These critics appear confused or disingenuous about what Section 230 actually does, and have apparently forgotten that our First Amendment says government cannot block hateful or disturbing speech — whether online or off.

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