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NS’ Top Super Bowl Ads of 2022

PR professionals and sports fans alike rejoice at the Super Bowl, which garnered a record number of viewers this year. With a whole new generation of industry disruptors, like Crypto companies, and an audience with a limited attention span, stakes have never been higher to create a quality and attention-grabbing ad. 

Per our annual tradition, NS has put together the list of top ads for this year!

Founder Keith Nahigian predicted Crypto would strike it big, especially if they used the classic “Go Daddy” ad model. Something simple that made you ask, what was that and who is that for!

Our number one spot…

You may have guessed it – the Coinbase QR Code Ad

Coinbase understood the assignment! As our team member, Durin put it: “It was strikingly simple and engaging – it allowed the audience to participate in the ad and turn it from passive messaging about getting into crypto into active engagement. So much active engagement it crashed their website!”

Here’s our list of honorable mentions:

We all agreed – nostalgia and funny will always win out!

Although one team member had this to say “I love Super Bowl ads, but shockingly didn’t think any were good.”

We look forward to seeing the roster next year!