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The Year #MeToo Rocked In-House Law Departments

By Michele Gorman  Originally published in Law360

Additional reporting by Sam Reisman, Braden Campbell and Dave Simpson. Editing by Pamela Wilkinson and Alyssa Miller.

General counsel from various industries were forced into the spotlight and held publicly accountable this year — either because they allegedly behaved inappropriately or were accused of handling internal situations poorly — as the #MeToo movement swept through corporate America and its inhouse law departments.

As business leaders everywhere continue to take a harder look at employee complaints and workplace policies, the movement has shown that GCs aren’t above disciplinary action or being investigated.

“Sexual harassment can happen at any portion of the organization, top or bottom,” said Danielle Hagen, senior vice president of strategic communications and public relations firm Nahigian Strategies LLC. “These allegations need to be taken very seriously.”

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