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Odds Stacked Against House Members Considering 2020 White House Bids

By Griffin Connolly; Originally published in Roll Call.

As high-profile Democratic senators and governors steel themselves for a race to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020, at least six sitting House Democrats are rumored to be weighing runs.

“If Nancy Pelosi wanted to run, that’d be one thing — she’s been to every state, she knows all the big donors,” said Keith Nahigian, who has worked on multiple Republican presidential campaigns, including Bob Dole’s in 1996, John McCain’s in 2000 and, most recently, former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann’s in 2012.

Ironically, that gives him a distinct edge over the other House hopefuls, said Nahigian, who thinks the 45-year-old Texan is the only House Democrat with a real shot at competing for the 2020 nomination.

“He can go live in New Hampshire or go live in Iowa or go live in South Carolina for the next two years,” Nahigian said.

“I hate to rain on the parade of these folks, but there’s a reason it’s happened only three times,” Nahigian said, “and that was a time when people were writing with feathers.”

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