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Nine Ways To Improve Your Video Conferencing

As social distancing has forced a shift in communications practices, one such practice is the explosion in the use of video conferencing technologies. If video conferencing is the new normal, we can all agree that there is room for improvement.

We have all witnessed the very public and, in some cases, mortifying gaffes of those who may not quite be ready for primetime in transforming their living rooms or home offices into television production studios. A lack of familiarity with these technologies by users can lead to embarrassing moments — like commenting while not on mute, taking a trip to the restroom while thinking nobody could see or just really poor visual setups that make the viewer concentrate on just about everything other than what is being said.

Our clients have asked us for our best practices to improve and standardize their use of video conferencing, so in the spirit of accelerating this evolution, here are nine ways to create consistency in video conferencing so that your message — rather than unwanted vantages of your face or the favorite books behind you — can capture the attention of your audience:

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