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How to Write a Press Release?

When you type “How to write a press release” into Google, it spits out thousands of results. And no wonder. If you’re looking to get media coverage for your business, being able to write a winning press release is an essential skill.

But what should a press release include? How to end a press release? And what about the press release format? Luckily, we have all the answers.

There are specific guidelines for writing a press release—covering everything from news angles to press release structure. All of them you will find in our complete guide to writing press releases that get attention (and results!), along with expert comments.

Ready to start writing killer press releases?

Writing a press release – checklist

  1. Choose the angle that matters for your target audience.
  2. Start with a well-thought-out headline.
  3. Pay attention to a lead paragraph.
  4. Cover the essentials in a few body paragraphs.
  5. Consider adding quotes.
  6. Include contact details.
  7. End your press release with a boilerplate.
  8. Pick the right press release format.
  9. Make sure to double-check everything.

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