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Facts, Not Fools

By Taylor Mason & Cassie Scher

While others will spend the day joking around, here at Nahigian Strategies we’re serious about helping our clients achieve their goals. Instead of lies, jokes, and pranks, here are some quick facts that you can use to make informed decisions on how to best move your company forward.

  • 80% of influencers complain about receiving irrelevant pitches from brands. Deriving value from an earned media strategy takes a coordinated effort on targeting the right contacts and sending effective messages and pitches to that person.  
  • Over the last 5 years, the amount of time people spend on their smartphones has increased from 2 hours and 18 minutes in 2012 to 4 hours and 5 minutes in 2018. This is more than a 75% increase. How organizations reach their target audiences should adapt to these trends, which is why Nahigian Strategies takes a digital-first approach. This means talking to audiences where they are, with a strategic social media plan and online digital content directly on people’s cell phones and on the apps and websites they visit most frequently.
  • Only 19% of public relations and communications companies contribute to marketing strategies. However, PR and marketing should go hand in hand if you’re looking for a cohesive message and streamlined content. Having communications initiatives that build on each other maximizes impact and increases your return on investment.

Just like any business meeting, going into April Fools Day with facts is the best way to avoid looking like a fool.