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Come Solve The Murder In The Manor And Join The eDiscovery Community Giving Back

By Kelly Twigger Originally appeared in Above the Law

It’s a rare treat to have someone plan an evening of entertainment that also allows you to do some good for the community, and that’s exactly what’s happening next Thursday, May 16, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

Join your hosts from the eDiscovery community to solve the Murder in the Manor, held at the historic Mansion on O Street from 6 to 10:30 p.m. The Mansion on O, listed by Smithsonian Magazine as one of the top 5 historic venues to explore and as one of the best kept secrets in D.C., is located in a series of five interconnected town houses that includes over 100 rooms and over 70 secret doors. It’s the setting for a murder mystery event set in the 1920s in which you’ll work to solve who killed Handsome Sam, the right hand man to a crime boss.

You’ll get to visit different rooms in the Mansion and talk to potential suspects to learn clues. Keep your eyes open and you’ll recognize those suspects as some of my favorite people in the eDiscovery community — Joy Murao and Michelina Gibbs of Practice Aligned Resources (PAR); Tracey Drynan of Cleary Gottlieb; Richard Levis-Fitzgerald and Maribel Rivera of Oasis; Candace Beck of Tanenholz & Associates and Tyler McGreevy of Orrick; Danielle Hagen of Nahigian Strategies; Karen Creel of Sidley; Martha Louks from McDermott; Kelly Fisher of Food from the Bar; and Sarah Gochenaur of the Capital Food Bank. Those suspects are also the committee members who put the event together.

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