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3 Tips to Make Your Digital Marketing a Slam Dunk

By: Cassie Scher and Taylor Mason

When it comes to an effective and integrated communications strategy, it is hard to ignore social media and online communications. Here at NS, public relations and digital marketing are closely linked and offer the opportunity to greatly improve upon the successes of each strategy. With the madness of the NCAA tournament, don’t let your digital game suffer. Use these tips to ensure your digital marketing strategy is a slam dunk.

1. Increase Your Website Visibility in Search Engines

Not focusing on SEO turns March Madness into March Sadness. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an integral part of a slam dunk digital strategy, and increases web traffic from major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to your site. You can increase your SEO by adding quality content to your site. When posting images to your website, make sure to assign them names and add an alt-tag description to increase visibility.

2. Engage on Social Media

Simply posting on social media without a strategy is like picking the 16 seed to win it all. Because social media is an integral part of an online marketing strategy, you need to have a clear plan to engage with your audience and share relevant and timely content. This means always tag the people or brands you’re talking about, and make sure to include relevant hashtags in your post. #NSTipTuesday 

3. Optimize Your Website for all Devices 

Having your website only optimized for desktop computers is like only preparing for playing on your home court. In 2018, 63% of web traffic came from mobile devices, not desktop computers. A website designed to fit multiple devices is key in reaching and engaging your target audience. When creating your website, make sure to not only review the content, but to also check how it appears across a variety of devices.

Follow these tips and your digital marketing game will be nothing but [inter] net (gold).