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13 Best Tips On Improving Communication Strategies For High-Profile Events

Large-scale events take a lot of time and money to execute well. Having a clear communications strategy is crucial to getting the word out and preparing for the get-together.

Unlike smaller, more intimate events, announcements about massive happenings need to reach the most people for them to have a chance at success. Lack of publicity could cause the event to crash and burn.

The communication strategy a business employs in marketing the event is crucial to its overall success. To help businesses sharpen their strategies for planning and communicating about high-profile events, 13 members of Forbes Agency Council offer their best advice on how to ensure that the audience gets the message and the soiree ends as a success.

13. Make The Event Personal

The best way to expand the reach of your event is to make it as personal as possible. We do this by creating opportunities such as fun photo booths and other very personal tactics that inspire attendees to push out the content on their social channels, thereby making the reach of the event much more impactful. People like to be seen and not be anonymous, so we try to make that happen for them. – Ken Nahigian, Nahigian Strategies

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