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The NS team knows that the strongest public awareness campaigns are grounded in strategic thinking that is informed by research. Research, both qualitative and quantitative, lays the foundation for a successful communications effort, helps define the most effective messages that will increase public support, assist in message development and identify target audiences and the best way to reach them. Research not only assists us in knowing what target audiences are thinking but also why they’re thinking it. Research also acts as the compass for measuring campaign direction and success.

The core of the NS research offering is a rigorous, uncompromising methodology that lets the data guide the way to smart, effective strategies – all built on hard science. With quantitative and qualitative solutions, our team specializes in brand and reputation management, campaign development, defining key audiences, and target audience communication and messaging. We bridge the past and future of research, merging tried-and-true traditional research methods of focus groups and phone surveys alongside the more novel techniques of online polling and data analytics in innovative ways that help you build a new strategy, an effective messaging architecture, a winning reputation plan.

We can remove the guesswork in designing an effective communications plan designed to engage and motivate our target audiences into action. We use hard data telling you exactly how you’ll be received and an approach to maximize impact.

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