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Grassroots communication strategies can cut through the noise, make a message clearer and persuade people to take action. Grassroots is the oldest form of communication and among the most effective.

Grasstops on the other hand helps carry that grassroots message across the community. Grasstops advocates are leaders in a community who can reinforce grassroots action, move an issue into the spotlight, and carry a message between the general public and more powerful targets.

Our firm has been the driving force behind some of the most influential national campaigns in history – from presidential races to the largest healthcare enrollment campaign ever undertaken by the federal government. Successful grassroots movements have to touch people in all aspects of their lives. Using a campaign approach to grassroots communications, we combine community outreach with education and policy to spread a message far and wide. We know what it takes to elevate an organization, grow its reach, and achieve its ultimate messaging goals.

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