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A crisis doesn’t have to harm your business. Many firms come out stronger after a crisis than before they entered it. Success comes from aggressive pre-planning, meticulous execution and company personnel preparation at every level.

We recognize that even the best-laid business plans can result in attacks, which can make it difficult to maintain the current reputation any firm has with its partners and stakeholders if not handled properly. Our team has extensive experience in mitigating negative media coverage through developing crisis communications plans. The time to plan for a crisis is before it ever occurs.

Crises happen, and we help formulate contingencies. We believe that responding quickly and effectively to any attack is critical during a crisis situation.  Our team has extensive experience mitigating negative media coverage through developing crisis communications plans. By using our monitoring capabilities and media relationships, our media relations team can forecast a media hit, minimize the exposure of our clients in a negative story, and craft specific messages that will provide a favorable media outcome. In the event of a crisis, our staff can be available anywhere, any place, any time. We build campaign-style rapid response tactics, determining the best messages and facts to use that are the easiest to defend and the hardest to attack.

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