coalition building

To truly engage an audience in a public education effort, it is necessary to reach people in the communities where they work and play. People are much more likely to trust the information they receive from someone they know, or from people they perceive as being like themselves. We deploy the power of partnerships to ensure that your intended audience is hearing your message through local channels that they know and trust. We are experts in recruiting third-party champions and leveraging the reach of supportive groups to create an influential coalition to carry our clients’ messages. The NS network of field team representatives are experts in identifying such like-minded groups and reaching their leadership. Recruiting and building a coalition is only a start, activating that partnership, targeting their outreach, engaging their membership and providing a continual flow of information is critical to the success of the coalition. NS not only builds the coalition, but we keep them engaged and motivated.

A modern-day advocate acts as a champion for causes and organizations alike. Here at NS, our representatives engage all available resources to be champions for your organization or cause. We use reliable sources, and a persuasive set of arguments based on fact to tell a great story – your story.

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