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The uniqueness of the NS approach as it compares to traditional public relations is that conventional public relations firms perform singular PR tactics that do not build on themselves toward the goals of the client. While the budget is expended, the impact is nominal, and what’s worse, those actions are not part of a larger, more responsive strategic plan. Thus, at the end of the year, the client finds themselves essentially at the same place they started. We call this “running to stand still.”

By contrast, the NS approach is to strategically plan and execute tactics so that every action is part of an overall plan that moves your organization closer to achieving your issue management goals, public education outreach, and portfolio and geographical expansion.  This approach ensures that your organization receives a high return on investment.

Here at NS, we believe a strategic calendar is key to guiding your plan and achieving your objectives. Our calendars map and integrate objectives, messages, efforts, related industry/competitor movements, media, and risk analyses. We believe laying out a plan in this manner allows our team to more effectively leverage existing efforts, and develop a rhythm and momentum to our communications initiatives. By mapping your overarching goals to specific tactics, we believe this approach ensures that each tactic is moving you forward in pursuit of identified objectives.

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