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On January 1, 2006, through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage became available to all people with Medicare. More than 38 million seniors and people with disabilities are currently taking advantage of this coverage.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ CMS’ 2007 prevention tour raised awareness and provided information about preventive services that are available to the Medicare and Medicaid population in order to increase the influence overall utilization rate for certain services. The audience included Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP recipients who are new to these programs, including those that may have had limited knowledge about the value prevention and healthy living.

As part of the My Health. My Medicare. initiative, CMS helped beneficiaries make the most of their Medicare so they can stay healthier and spend less on doctors and hospitals. CMS provides beneficiaries, their friends and families, with personalized service through local events such as this one, www.medicare.gov and 1-800-MEDICARE. People with Medicare could sign-up at Mymedicare.gov, a free and secure personalized online service, to access their personal Medicare information, including preventive benefits and services.